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  • Tiffany was surely going to be one of my favorite Massage Girls 18 ladies, compact, killer looks and soothing hands, I knew that I would enjoy the rest of her as well. She started by getting into my skimpy little masseuse ‘outfit’ and grabbed the the already warm towel and oil, and began to rub down my front side, brushing my cock several times as she went along. It was no secret I was getting a raging hard on and she was helping it along with a slight tease.

    Tiffany Tiffany


    Well I couldn’t take much teasing, never was one for games, haha, so I grabbed the oil and oiled up Tiffany’s ass and started giving her a hard ass massage, and Tiff grabbed ahold of my cock which instantly sprang to live. I suppose if she’s gonna massage anything it should be my cock. I quickly tossed her up on the table and had her suck my cock like it was her last meal, then turned her over and gave her one of the best fuckings she ever saw, don’t believe it? Best head on over to MassageGirls 18 and check out the Tiffany update.

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    Massage Girls 18

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